My Platform

My platform that I'm running on is simple and easy to understand.  Everything is about protecting and retaining Illinois jobs, and making our state more friendly to job creators, so we can begin to grow our economy again by creating good jobs.  Here are a few things I am proposing right now:

  • Reform Workman's Compensation rates to make them more consistent with neighboring states
  • Tax "Holiday" for small businesses devastated by COVID-19 restrictions placed on them by the State and Municipalities based on losses comparative to their last two years average revenue and re-employment of their staff (one year if they are a new business)
  • Incentivize employers to participate in job creation/training by extending tax credit availability, use of training programs modeled after Richland Community College's programs with tax credits for program graduates
  • Expand high speed/broadband internet services in under-served and rural communities
  • Create a program of tax incentives to help cover rising daycare costs for lower income families
  • Pause the minimum wage increases at $11 per hour to evaluate its actual effect on employment and look at regionalizing further increased based upon a communities cost of living

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Key Issues

Issue #1 - Fiscal Responsibility

The road to recovery in Illinois is not going to be easy.  After decades of incompetent leadership from Speaker Madigan, Illinois' finances are in rough shape.  The Democrat leadership led by Michael Madigan recently passed a budget that is funded by borrowing we can't afford and a Fair Tax plan that may not pass.  We need working-class leaders who understand how to budget and live within our means to be making the decisions in Springfield.  Our road to recovery is simple: Prioritize spending, balance our budget, and eliminate Pork Barrel Spending.

Issue #2 - Ethics Reform

Illinois politicians enjoy some of the easiest and most flexible laws in the country when it comes to ethics.  Recently, we had multiple Democrats of the Illinois House and Senate arrested on ethics related charges.  The Democrats answer was to form a commission that has not led to a single change when it comes to ethics reform.  My plan is simple - I want a 2-year ban on General Assembly Members from being able to lobby after they leave office and I am calling for more detailed disclosure forms similar to what Illinois judges already fill out.  These are two very simple solutions - it's time to stop making Illinois politics profitable for elected officials.  Members of the General Assembly should not be able to vote on laws that would directly influence their business interests as that is a big part of what's got us into this mess.

Issue #3 - Pro-Business Policies

If you look at the policy coming out of Springfield in the last few decades, it is clear to me that our leaders have forgotten that small businesses drive our economy in Illinois and create much needed jobs, especially in Central Illinois.  I am committed to promoting pro-business policies that will bring jobs back to the 96th District for my constituents.  The first step to achieving this is to defeat the Fair Tax Amendment.  Illinois is already ranked dead last in terms of being a business friendly state, and the answer isn't to pass a constitutional amendment that changes the tax code making it even harder for small businesses to operate successfully here.  I will focus my legislative work on pro-business policies that promote Job Creation and Retention, to make Illinois more attractive for business to bring jobs to our hard working people.

Issue #4 - Term Limits

Term Limits are essential to any permanent change of how we do business in Springfield.  For many decades, Speaker Madigan and the Democrats have ruled Illinois with an iron fist at the cost of the Illinois taxpayer, particularly people in downstate Illinois.  Many lawmakers have enriched themselves through relationships built over time that have led to Illinois not seeing any meaningful spending reforms, some of the highest property taxes in the nation, and being named the least friendly business state.  I believe no lawmaker should serve over an 8-year term, with leadership roles being limited to 4 years.  No politician should make their job a career - it is a service to the community.